Financial Services M&A

A financial services mergers and acquisitions (M&A) adviser works with many different types of disciplines within the financial services industry. Among those operating in this sector are successful financial advisors who have spent a lifetime nurturing their financial advisory practices day-in and day-out to take it to the level of peak operating performance. By the … Continue reading “Financial Services M&A”

Financial Services Business Opportunities

The search for financial services business opportunities moves smoothly with the help of adviserXchange. We have developed this service in an effort to fill a void in the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market: The need for a versatile M&A adviser proactively working to match buyers and sellers of financial services businesses. RIAs, registered representatives and … Continue reading “Financial Services Business Opportunities”

Financial Services Business For Sale

Believe it or not, it can sometimes be difficult for a financial advisor to know when it’s time to put a financial services business up for sale. The lure of retirement or the desire to slow down should make the decision easy. But, the perceived hassle of selling a business can make some advisors put … Continue reading “Financial Services Business For Sale”

Financial Planning Practice Valuation

All financial advisors should periodically conduct a financial planning practice valuation to determine the value of their financial planning practice. This information becomes especially important when an advisor is getting ready to evaluate potential sale, exit and/or succession options. If you’re at that point with your practice, your shrewdness as a veteran advisor should lead … Continue reading “Financial Planning Practice Valuation”

Financial Planning Practice Management

In most cases, the focus of financial planning practice management needs to extend beyond the next quarter or business cycle. Financial advisors and planners need to anticipate both expected and unexpected changes as they plan for the future of their practices as well as their own personal needs. To that end, a pre-determined exit/succession plan … Continue reading “Financial Planning Practice Management”

Financial Planning Practice Consulting

For experienced financial advisors, it can sometimes be difficult to seek out financial planning practice consulting services for their financial planning practices. Your ability to manage multi-million dollar accounts and oversee a thriving business may make outside consulting seem like a sign of failure. But the fact is, when it comes to selling your financial … Continue reading “Financial Planning Practice Consulting”

Financial Advisor Practice For Sale

Now that you’ve decided that the next step in your financial advisory career is the ownership of your own practice, the words “financial advisor practice for sale” may pique your interest as a potential buyer. You’re likely hampered, however, in locating a suitable practice due to the limited time and resources you have available to … Continue reading “Financial Advisor Practice For Sale”

Create A Financial Advisor Exit Plan

A financial advisor exit plan can be difficult to execute if you don’t already have someone readily available to pick up the slack prior to your departure. The unfortunate reality is that it’s not uncommon for financial advisors to be reluctant to speak about certain future events or to plan for contingencies through an exit … Continue reading “Create A Financial Advisor Exit Plan”

How To Buy Or Sell A Financial Advisory Practice

The decision to buy or sell a financial advisory practice can sometimes be difficult for an advisor. Concerns over transitioning the customer base, in the case of a buyer, and knowing when to exit the practice, in the case of a seller, are just a few of the issues involved. Beyond that, advisors who are … Continue reading “How To Buy Or Sell A Financial Advisory Practice”

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