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Believe it or not, it can sometimes be difficult for a financial advisor to know when it’s time to put a financial services business up for sale. The lure of retirement or the desire to slow down should make the decision easy. But, the perceived hassle of selling a business can make some advisors put off the sale of their business until the last minute. An active mergers & acquisitions (M&A) adviser, however, can help you get comfortable with the process and attract the right suitors for your business.

As an M&A firm who specializes in transitioning a financial services business for sale, adviserXchange offers sell-side services that can help you when you’re ready to market your financial services business for sale. Our Practice Exchange, which basically operates as listing and referral service helping sellers and pre-qualified buyers find each other based upon their respective goals and objectives, is especially suited for advisors not requiring extensive advisory services. Once a match is made, we then work with the seller to help ensure the transaction is consummated as smoothly as possible.

Matching Financial Services Businesses For Sale With Buyers

Sellers who desire more comprehensive advisory services when they go to put their financial services business up for sale will not be disappointed. AdviserXchange can help you assess the value of your business, prepare and draft your offering memorandum, and identify and market the business to pre-qualified, compatible buyers so you won’t waste time talking to potential buyers who don’t match up well with your firm or have the financial capacity to finalize the deal. Once the right buyer is found, we’ll then help you close the transaction in a smooth and efficient manner.

If you aren’t quite ready to market your financial services business for sale and/or completely exit your firm, you may want to consider utilizing the exit/succession planning services available through adviserXchange. These services are best suited for advisors who aren’t quite ready to fully retire but are desirous of addressing a planned transition event, such as a targeted retirement date. Regardless of your needs, give us a call today to discuss how we can help facilitate the transition of your business.

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