Adviser Experiences with AdviserXchange

Just wanted to thank you for your help.  It was an eye opening process for me.  Your evaluation of my company’s worth was right on, versus a number of parties that I spoke with.  And just going through talking with them I learned about what was important and what was not.  I hadn’t realized that changing custodians was a bridge too far, until I really looked at it.  The simpler this transaction could be, the better for all involved.
xxxx is a really good guy, and I think it’s going to be a good place for my clients, which is really the whole point of the exercise.
- Don, Principal

We tried for three years to connect with advisors who might need a succession plan or who were ready to sell their practices. We subscribed to the big name websites, spent a fair amount of money in the process and got nothing for our efforts. We decided to partner with Scott Houston and AdviserXchange. Less than nine months later, we have completed one succession plan and two practice acquisitions. The personal introductions Scott and his team provided proved to be the missing ingredient. Their experience is deep and their ability to build relationships with qualified buyers and sellers is unparalleled. I recommend their services wholeheartedly.

- Jim, CEO

We have been working with Scott Houston for the last five + years, and he has helped us successfully close several transactions over that period of time. He has always brought us a steady flow of quality acquisition candidates and has been a valuable resource in helping us structure both traditional and non-traditional deals with the sellers he brought to the table. We consider Scott and his firm a valued partner in our continued growth.

- Jim, Managing Partner

We have found over the past few years of working with Scott Houston an incredible relationship that we rely on for practice acquisitions. Scott does a great job of representing both sides and works hard to match up the right personalities and business dynamics for optimum success!

- Mike E., CEO/President

Scott promised to deliver 3 qualified buyers. That’s exactly what he did. I selected one of his contacts, and we now have a happy marriage beyond my highest expectations. Got to recommend him!

- Larry, Principal

I have worked with AdviserXchange on a few different practice acquisition opportunities. What has impressed me the most is this company truly cares about ALL the details to make sure the buy/sell is a right fit for both parties. Scott has taken the extra time with me to not only get a full understanding of what my goals are, but to make sure the acquisition was a good long term fit for my firm. I feel AdviserXchange is not just about putting parties together to make a sale, they stand behind their company’s vision to make a difference for all involved in the transaction. I look forward to continuing my partnership with AdviserXchange, and the new opportunities that lie ahead.

- Dawn J., President

Scott Houston contacted me about five years before I actually pulled the trigger for active succession planning. He impressed me with his knowledge of the business and the transition process. Moreover, he impressed me with his infinite patience and follow through. He listened carefully to my questions and concerns and addressed them. His process resulted in my connection to a group that is cognizant of my needs in the transition, as well as focused on the welfare of my clients. I recommend Scott and his firm to any advisor looking to create and implement a succession plan.

- KL, Principal

Prior to me working with Scott and AdviserXchange, we had come up with no acquisition results during a three or four year period. I had subscribed and paid for a number of other acquisition and broker services, but all had produced nothing. Finally, we started working with AdviserXchange, and since 2012, we have had opportunities to interview, meet and acquire numerous seller practices. In that time, we have bought or absorbed 6 other practices. AdviserXchange has helped us to realize our original growth vision, and we are still working on achieving more. This firm has been an amazing resource to us.

- Pete, President

Our firm has experienced a positive working relationship with Mr. Scott Houston and AdviserXchange. Professional assistance to our firm from AdviserXchange is broad, with specific concentration on the identification of potential candidates for the purpose of acquisitions and mergers. Subsequent services include the guidance and structuring of such transactions. To date, we have acquired 2 practices and presently working on additional acquisitions. I highly recommend Scott and AdviserXchange for the selling and purchasing needs of your business.

- Tom, President

I have enjoyed working with Scott at AdviserXchange. As a long-time client, I’ve found him to be professional and helpful in locating good fits for our practice as we continue to grow. Additionally, I feel as if I have received a good value from their service and would recommend the firm to anyone wanting to buy or sell in this space.

- Brett R., Principal

Scott might be the exception in this business. At no time did I feel pressured to sell — his approach is that of service and counsel. If it was not the right fit, Scott was the first person to suggest that we find a better fit. He was more interested in making sure my goals were met than he was in just making another sale. Overall, Scott exceeded every expectation that I had in this endeavor that lasted close to two years due to my learning curve of who was the right fit for my clients. As a result of my experience, I would highly recommend Scott and AdviserXchange to advisors who are ready to sell their firm or practice.

- Brett S., CEO

I have worked very closely with Scott over the last 12 months, and he has been a tremendous help finding me a suitable investment advisory practice to purchase. He guided me successfully in all areas of the transaction, from moderating our initial contact, to the valuing of the practice, and finally, the nuances of executing the contracts. I have been extremely pleased with my experience and look forward to working with Scott and AdviserXchange on our next purchase as we build a regional business. Highly recommend the company’s services.

- Tom, Managing Director
It is my pleasure to take this opportunity to praise Mr. Scott Houston and his company for his excellent work in helping us find a quality buyer and work with us from  beginning to completion in the sale of our RIA Firm. Mr. Houston’s help in the entire process was extremely professional and productive for both parties in the Transaction.
I am pleased to recommend his services to any firm or individual seeking to sell or purchase an RIA company.
Thank you Mr. Houston for your excellent assistance!
- Dick, Principal

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