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A financial services mergers and acquisitions (M&A) adviser works with many different types of disciplines within the financial services industry. Among those operating in this sector are successful financial advisors who have spent a lifetime nurturing their financial advisory practices day-in and day-out to take it to the level of peak operating performance. By the same token, some financial advisors don’t always stay within the industry over the long term.

Regardless of the time spent in the industry, you need a reliable financial services M&A adviser when it comes time to sell your practice. The sales process deserves the same amount of attention as you used building your practice to help ensure your objectives are met. Thus, you should look to a M&A adviser who can work with you based upon your level of need. At adviserXchange, we help sellers develop a customized sales solution that best matches their desired level of assistance when they go to sell their practice.

Multiple Levels of Services for Financial Advisors Seeking a Financial Services M&A Adviser

As an active financial services M&A adviser, adviserXchange offers a service called the Practice Exchange which is designed for sellers who don’t require extensive consulting assistance. This basic listing and referral service primarily operates to match sellers with pre-qualified buyers approved by one of our representatives based on the compatibility of their profiles as well as their financial capability. Once a satisfactory match has been made, we then work with you to help ensure the sale is successfully concluded.

If you’re like many sellers, however, you need a financial services M&A adviser who can provide a more targeted and/or proactive marketing campaign in order to sell your financial services practice at the optimal price. AdviserXchange can help in this area as well as others through our sell-side advisory services. Bottom line, if you’re in the market to sell a financial services practice, give us a call to see how we can assist you with your sale objectives.

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