Financial Practice Valuation

A financial practice valuation represents a snapshot view of the market value of your life’s work in the financial industry. The sad reality is that most financial advisors fail to consider a financial practice valuation until it comes time to sell their financial practice. While not always obvious to financial advisors, the importance of periodic valuation assessments is analogous to the need for periodic reviews of your personal investment portfolio.

Developing a valuation range for your financial practice through a financial practice valuation is one of the first steps in developing a marketing strategy to sell a financial practice. AdviserXchange can help sellers of such practices develop a valuation range for their financial practice so they can assess their current situation and ultimately move forward with the sale of their practice. A simple conversation with one of our advisers can get the process started.

A Financial Practice Valuation: Do You Know What Your Financial Practice Is Worth?

When conducting a financial practice valuation, one of the first things adviserXchange does is help you look beyond the assets under management. The national nature of our services means that we have the ability to stay abreast of financial practices being sold across the country. A review of local competition and the level of interest from prospective buyers add another dimension to the valuation process. The resulting information helps determine the valuation range of your practice.

By utilizing the advisory services available through adviserXchange, we can help you achieve the upper-end of the valuation range of your financial practice valuation. This is accomplished by promoting your practice to buyers with a demonstrated interest in practices like yours. As a result, the sale process oftentimes moves along more smoothly. You can start the process of maximizing the sale price of your financial practice by contacting us today.

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