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Now that you’ve decided that the next step in your financial advisory career is the ownership of your own practice, the words “financial advisor practice for sale” may pique your interest as a potential buyer. You’re likely hampered, however, in locating a suitable practice due to the limited time and resources you have available to spend searching for one that meets your criteria. As a result, an active mergers and acquisitions (M&A) firm is a necessity to help you take that next step.

The multiple steps required to buy a financial advisor practice that’s for sale through adviserXchange are designed to create a smooth and efficient transaction for both the buyer and seller. Every buyer is required to complete a survey, setting forth their acquisition objectives and financial wherewithal as a way to help ensure pre-qualified status for our sellers. Buyers are also required to complete a confidentiality agreement before receiving information from our sellers to help ensure the privacy of information.

Serving Buyers Looking for a Financial Advisor Practice For Sale

By utilizing the buy-side advisory services available through adviserXchange, we’ll help you identify a financial advisor practice for sale that meets your objectives and financial resources. This service can also include assistance with the following activities:

  1. Preliminary review and analysis of information received from candidates
  2. The determination of a potential valuation range and possible deal structure
  3. Guidance on due diligence and other closing related matters

As an advisor seeking a financial advisor practice that’s for sale, a lot of the stresses and issues that are associated with the process are removed with the help of adviserXchange. This is accomplished in large part through our multi-tiered front-end screening and pre-qualification approach, which helps ensure that compatibility between buyer and seller is high. The bottom line: When you’re ready to buy a practice, give us a call to see how we can help you achieve your objectives.

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