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A financial advisor exit plan can be difficult to execute if you don’t already have someone readily available to pick up the slack prior to your departure. The unfortunate reality is that it’s not uncommon for financial advisors to be reluctant to speak about certain future events or to plan for contingencies through an exit plan. The process of sitting down to think through and discuss such events and contingencies can be an arduous one.

AdviserXchange offers financial advisor exit plan services that are unique in the financial advisory world. Our team will show you that an exit plan doesn’t need to be as difficult to implement as you might think. In fact, many advisors in this area usually end up implementing a gradual (or two-step) plan to ease out of the daily rigors of their practice. What this means to you is that your exit plan works around your targeted exit event.

Plan for Both the Expected and Unexpected with a Financial Advisor Exit Plan

Many factors have to be taken into consideration when developing a financial advisor exit plan, including an analysis of your objectives and the availability of professional talent. In addition to planned events, such as retirement, the planning process must also account for unplanned events, such as death or disability, as well. AdviserXchange can show you how to address all of these needs through a plan that’ll work around all your objectives.

The first step in using adviserXchange to help create your financial advisor exit plan is the completion of an exit/succession survey. This survey allows an advisor to list all the objectives that must be taken into account in the development of the plan. Once we understand these objectives, we’ll work with you to devise a plan that helps ensure all of them are met.

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