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More often than not, the deciding factor for financial planners looking to acquire financial planning practices for sale is compatibility with the selling planner’s practice. Things can go awry quickly if the buyer of the practice to be acquired cannot retain the seller’s clients after the sale transaction is consummated. As a result, you need to focus your time and energy on pursuing the firms that best match your objectives and are the most compatible with your own practice.

As a mergers and acquisitions (M&A) firm who specializes in transitioning financial planning practices, adviserXchange strives to match up owners of financial planning practices for sale with compatible buyers in a smooth and efficient manner. We help you accomplish this by:

  1. Requiring firm profiles from both buyers and sellers of financial planning practices
  2. Matching buyers with the sellers who most optimally meet their search criteria and financial wherewithal
  3. Providing buyers with an analysis of the targeted seller’s practice information

Realize Your Objectives During Your Search for Financial Planning Practices For Sale

The buy-side M&A services offered through adviserXchange are designed to provide buyers of financial planning practices for sale with proactive solutions that meet their objectives. By utilizing our advisory services, we can help from start to finish in your search for a financial planning practice, which includes guidance on valuation issues and deal structuring. Of course, we also offer basic referral and limited advisory services as well for those buyers not requiring comprehensive assistance.

Your path to acquiring financial planning practices for sale is made much easier with the help of adviserXchange. In addition to providing you with pre-screened acquisition candidates that match your targeted search criteria, we can also help you navigate all the other issues that are customary with one of these transactions. You can start the process of locating a practice that fits your objectives by giving us a call or submitting your information online today.

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