Financial Advisor Succession Planning

Every owner of a financial advisory practice should participate in financial advisor succession planning well before they’re ready to actually exit (or retire from) his or her practice. It goes without saying that your years of hard work and exemplary service to clients make you an invaluable part of the ongoing success of your practice. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to plan for your eventual succession by putting into place a plan to account for both a planned or unplanned departure.

As a mergers and acquisitions (M&A) firm specializing in the transition of financial advisory practices, adviserXchange helps those advisors interested in financial advisor succession planning develop and execute a plan that’s customized to their goals and objectives. We start the process by having you complete one of our exit/succession surveys. This survey helps us assess your existing practice and determine your primary goals and objectives with the practice, as well as any additional objectives you may have with the succession.

Intelligent Financial Advisor Succession Planning Begins With AdviserXchange

When it’s all said and done, financial advisor succession planning through adviserXchange generally follows one of two distinct paths. That is, an advisor can develop a succession strategy either “with” or “without” a specific departure date. Regardless of your objective, we can help you develop and execute a succession plan that works for you, including a gradual exit/succession that allows you to only work a limited number of hours per week while helping your successor deal with the nuances of a successful longer-term transition.

By addressing financial advisor succession planning needs prior to your immediate departure from your practice, you can also go ahead and take some money off the table now rather than waiting for a future set date. It also allows you to provide a mechanism for dealing with unplanned events, such as death or disability.

If these are some of your goals and objectives, give us a call or submit your contact information today to discuss your specific exit/succession goals and objectives.

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