Contingency Planning

Ensure the continuity and value of your business with a comprehensive contingent succession plan.

You’ve worked hard to build your business — and you want to protect it at all costs. But we all know how life can sometimes get in the way of our best-laid plans. To effectively prepare for and mitigate life’s unexpected events, such as death, disability, or the loss of your adviser registration, you need a comprehensive contingent succession plan to ensure your business remains stable and intact, regardless of the circumstances.

AdviserXchange offers two levels of consulting services to help you create and implement a comprehensive contingent succession plan that meets your needs and objectives, and also ensure the continuity and value of your firm or practice in the event a succession event occurs. Of course, if no event occurs, it also provides the framework for a successful transition once you are ready to retire or phase out your involvement in the business.

Choose from the service level options below to get started.

Scott promised to deliver 3 qualified buyers. That’s exactly what he did. I selected one of his contacts, and we now have a happy marriage beyond my highest expectations. Got to recommend him!

- Larry, Principal

Service Level Options

Basic Consulting and Plan Documentation Service

The Basic service is intended for those advisers who have already identified their contingent successor and are ready to put their plan in place. We provide you with guidance and assistance in the creation and implementation of your plan utilizing our industry-specific documentation.


Advanced Consulting and Plan Documentation Service

Our Advanced service is for the adviser who wants assistance in identifying a contingent successor and/or whose circumstances are more complex. Depending on your situation, we help you identify a qualified succession partner if needed and create and implement a plan that meets your unique needs and objectives.

Custom Fee

DIY - Identify Your Ideal Successor in the Marketplace

To find a successor on your own, go to the Create Account page and select Succession Plan. Then, when you set up your profile, select 'Contingent Succession Plan' under Secondary Objectives. Once you find your successor in the Marketplace, return to this page and select the appropriate service.