How To Buy Or Sell An RIA

The decision to buy or sell an RIA can sometimes be difficult for an investment advisor. Concerns over managing a larger business, in the case of a buyer, and locating the most ideal buyer candidates, in the case of a seller, are just a few of the items involved. Beyond that, advisors who are considering buying or selling an RIA may also have difficulty negotiating the most optimal deal on their own. That’s when adviserXchange can help you with your objectives.

We offer a variety of merger and acquisition (M&A) services to investment and financial advisors wanting to buy or sell an RIA. Every prospective client who uses our services is first required to complete a survey detailing his or her background, practice information, objectives and, in the case of a buyer, financial wherewithal. An advisor who wants to expand operations will also need to tell us what area of the country will be targeted as well as the type and size of RIA that’s desired.

We Can Help You Buy or Sell an RIA When You’re Ready to Take That Next Step

A key feature of the adviserXchange M&A process is that it’s designed to help compatible advisors find each other when they’re ready to buy or sell an RIA. We can also provide assistance with the following key activities:

  1. Determination of the potential valuation range for the RIA
  2. Review of proposed deal terms and other items affecting transaction
  3. Guidance on due diligence and closing related matters

An additional feature of the M&A services available through adviserXchange is that you can customize the level of service to suit your specific needs when you’re ready to buy or sell an RIA. If you desire proactive assistance, you’ll want to utilize our advisory services. If you only want help meeting pre-qualified buyers or sellers, our Practice Exchange service may be the way to go. To learn how we can help you reach all your objectives, give us a call today.

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